Faster Than Falling Holiday Gift Special

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What's better than a highly rated book, autographed by the author? A book filled with invisible secret messages!

Whether you are giving the novel as a gift or purchasing for yourself, you'll receive the special edition print copy with at least 25 hand-written secret notes by the author, an invisible ink pen with built-in blacklight for reading and making your own secret messages, and shipping to anywhere in the continental US, in time for Christmas!
Learn exclusive behind-the-scenes details and inspiration for the story and characters as you enjoy the adventure. Then make your own invisible notes as you read! A limited edition book that makes the perfect gift or just a crowd-pleasing addition to your bookshelf. Order your copy today!

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About the book:
Beneath the Ocean of Sky, heroes will rise.
Samra Rose is in trouble. Living in a colony floating high above the clouds, she’s been far away from anything resembling an adventure, but when aerial raiders carry off her home—with her inside—she gets more excitement than she ever wished for. Her best friend, Kipling, and a Grounder boy with a skyship will take to the air in pursuit, but all three will face dangers they’ve never imagined. The aerial ocean is a turbulent place full of deadly creatures and cutthroat pirates. If they hope to survive, they’ll need to fight for their place in the Heights and confront those who have already claimed it.
Follow the adventures of three unlikely heroes as they abandon the safety of home to seek a destiny aloft in the clouds.
Fans of grand science fiction universes, steampunk airships, and daring pirate adventures will discover a thrilling new world of action, villainy, and friendship.
Make the leap into the sky today! Find out if you have what it takes to soar...
Reviews:"A glorious, detailed world and an epic story! “Faster Than Falling” is up there with the grandest of adventures, set in a strange new land. I was reminded strongly of Robin Hobbs’ wonderful tales (in voice, not content). Van Coops beckons the reader through the door, then drags you into a fantastic ride, replete with eccentric tech; alien naturescapes ... and good old-fashioned piracy. Storytelling at its finest!"- Robert Scanlon, Author of Constellation.

★★★★★ Filled with outstanding characters, bold escapades and breathtaking scenery, it is a fast-paced and brilliant adventure for all ages. Bethany Cousins (Amazon US review)

★★★★★"An epic tale of adventure and coming-of-age." Mark Speed, Author of Dr. How and the Illegal Aliens (Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ "Action packed adventure and unforgettable characters make "Faster Than Falling" one of my all-time favorites. Enjoyable for adults and teens alike. Clean, fun, powerful, and just amazing!" Kay Clark (Goodreads Review)

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There will only be 10 copies available to start with,  so if you'd like to be one of the recipients, please order soon.


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